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Hunan Meida metal Mstar Technology Ltd

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Hunan Meida metal Mstar Technology Ltd is authorized by The national foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau,Customs notation.and it has the right to import and export.The company has a solid economic foundation, strong relation network, complete technology and personnel allocation£¨With China's accession to the WTO, Import and export trade growing day by day£¨in order to satisfy the needs of the traders, import and export businessman, our company create the door to door and one step service for busines...
Products List

lead ingot
magnesium ingot
tin ingot
copper ingot
zinc ingot metal
aluminum ingot
silicon metal
silicon metal
Contact Us
Company: Hunan Meida metal Mstar Technology Ltd
Contact: Ms. zhen Su
Address: changsha Rd Yuhua disrict
Tel: 86-18673117363
Fax: 86-731-89876669
Homepage: http://meida-metal.com

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Tel : 86-18673117363 Fax : 86-731-89876669
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